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Useful Information and Data

In this section we have gathered useful information and data that we think might be helpful. If you need any more information please email our Technical Department.   

Please click on a category and register to view our conversion charts and guides.   

From light bulb cap fitting guides all the way to motor full load current charts, here at Electramania you will find all the information you need.


Lighting Useful Info

At Electramania we know lighting can be confusing, so we have put together this handy guide. We have included charts to help you decide which shade of light you want, and even handy line drawings of the most commonly used light bulb fittings and caps.


Enclosures Useful Info

Enclosures are a pivotal part of a project - making sure that the enclosure is suitable could make or break a job. In this Electramania Enclosure Guide, we have included waterproof rating (IP) data and a colour chart, just in case you need your enclosures sprayed to specification.


Motor Wiring & Starting Useful Info

Electramania understand that motor starting can be daunting. We have created this guide to make the specification of motor controls easier for you. Containing overload selection charts, Star Delta kit specification and using Miniature Circuit Breakers with motors, we hope our guide will be helpful.


Cable Termination & Glanding Useful Info

This section is to help you select the correct way terminate your cable. We have gland sizing charts for every cable we sell here at Electramania.



Conversion Charts Useful Info 

At Electramania we have used Metric units in almost every case, however we have included conversion charts for some of the most commonly used Imperial units, as well as the American Wire Gauge, and a couple of others. 


This chart shows you circular socket pin locations. It illustrates the positions of the earth contact in circular sockets in relation to voltage and frequency rating.


Wiring Diagrams Useful Info